Életrajz / Curriculum Vitae

Based in Pécel, Hungary since her childhood, the flautist began her studies at the age of 7 in the Pécel State Music School and while studying violin she began to take flute lessons from Gabriella Csordás. In 1994 she continued her studies in Pikéthy Tibor Secondary School of Music flute department in Vác where she was taught by Zsuzsa and the Liszt Prize awarded Gergely Ittzés. She was awarded the Nívó and Contemporary prizes at the International Flute Duo and Small Ensemble Festival in Balassagyarmat (1996 and 1998), also winning the 1996 National Flute Competition organised by Szent István Secondary School of Music. In 1998 she attended the University of Miskolc - Bartók Béla Institute of Music under Dr Gyula Csetényi where she graduated 'Summa cum Laude' as flute teacher and chamber ensemble performer. In 2003 she graduated with top honours at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music as teacher and performer of flute under the Liszt awarded flautist Lóránt Kovács. Currently she has been taking baroque flute study lessons since 2016 autumn as a student of Benedek Csalog.

In 2000 she became a member of the Miskolc National Theatre Orchestra. Since 2002 she has been teaching at the Pécel Basic-level School of Art. She became a teaching musician at the Bartók Béla Secondary School of Music, Budapest in 2006. Being a member of several chamber ensembles, she performed at national and international festivals including 'Ars Antiqua Europae' (Slovakia, 2006), Bartók Plus Opera Festival (Miskolc, 2007), 17th Szolnok Music Festival (2009), Solo concerts organised by the Miskolc Philharmonic Orchestra and the International Flute Festival Pécel (2010, 2014). Together with the flautist Eszter Illés she established FLAUTANDUO. She has been the program - coordinator of the Pécel International Flute Festival which started in 2010. The Flautone Quartet formation was established in 2016 together with fellow artists.

Apart from her musical activity she regularly publishes in the Hungarian Fuvolaszó (Flute Sounds) and Parlando classical music journals. Her review " The life of the Doppler family in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy" was published in English in Claudio Arimany internationally renowned flautist's 10 part series of CDs about Ferenc and Károly Doppler's (Franz and Karl Doppler) life work in January 2016.

She made a a classical music video clip called Pan's flute by Debussy in 2013 combined with an animation due to remembering the centennial of Debussy's composition, The Syrinx. In 2016 a CD album was published together with Ildikó Bokor named French / Salon Pieces for the Paris Conservatoire supported by NKA (National Cultural Fund of Hungary).